Ronix Brand

Ronix is an international brand, active in the tools industry and its related equipment. With the help of our vast experience, extended background, and constant innovations, we produce a variety of high-quality products, all according to the global state-of-the-art technology, through 500 suppliers in 15 countries worldwide.
By relying on its creative human resources, the Ronix brand has always had an eye on the future. Over 300 experts are now working with us in our offices in Europe (Germany), the Middle East (Tehran), and China.

Ronix Company

Since 2005, Ronix has become a leading tools company in the Middle East and an international brand, specializing in manufacturing a wide variety of professional tools. Currently, the company has offices in Europe (Germany) and China. Over the past 15 years, Ronix has developed more than 2,000 different types of tools, all lovingly crafted with Ronix’s undisputed and world-class standards.

Today, we at Ronix owe our on-going success to our core values; developed by growing in the heart of the tool industry for years. These values include producing a wide variety of cost-effective, durable, and high-quality tools wrapped in unique and stylish packaging that impress customers and end-users.

We are investing, and will continue to invest resources in advanced R&D, high-end technologies, and professional human resources to develop a high variety more efficient tools that meet expert’s needs.

Our significant ventures into research and development have given us the technological edge to design, produce, and tailor cost-effective products that are beneficial to every consumer category, from ordinary household handymen to professionals in various industries.

We also place great importance on human health and safety. Through our endeavors, we know that a professional person will always enter a Ronix-equipped workshop assured, happy, and safe

Tehran Office
China Office
Germany Office

Ronix Global

Ronix has been present in the global markets since 2005 by registering its offices in Europe (Germany) and China. Ever since, we have been offering and delivering high-quality products to our customers. Our products are tailored for the specific needs of experts. Driven by a passion to satisfy the needs of professionals around the world, Ronix has, and will always try to go beyond the global standards and provide outstanding quality and services.

Ronix Goals

Ronix has always had a different approach towards the global markets. By utilizing our expert, multi-language, international sales team to establish ourselves among distributors and wholesalers in various countries around the globe, we are putting efforts into expanding our reach in the world, both in sales and in aftersales services.

Ronix Core Values

Since the beginning, the heart of our activities at Ronix has been based on our five core values. Every one of these values is essential and shapes the nature of our business. They are the foundations of our success and the pillars by which we stand.


Having diversity in our products to meet the various needs of our customers.
From the very beginning, we realized that we would be able to serve our customers far better if we could offer a huge variety of products across many different categories.


Maintaining our high quality to establish the reliability of our products and gain our consumers’ trust
When Ronix was first founded, it was founded on trust. We have understood that our products’ quality plays a significant role in building trust in our customers and keeping them satisfied with the outcome of their work.

Reasonable Pricing

Offering reasonable prices for a wide range of tools and products with high quality
Ronix is all about giving the pleasure of experiencing quality to every professional there is in the industry.
We want consumers to experience the benchmark quality that is Ronix.

After Sales Services

Delivering appropriate after sale services to fulfill our commitments regarding customer satisfaction principle
Our customers need to know that they are not alone and that quality always come with support.
Thanks to our integrated network of after sales services centers, Ronix will be with consumers every step of the way.

Professional Behavior

Maintaining professional organizational behavior for both customers and staff who shape our daily activities and drive our passion to move forward
An organization cannot survive without treating its customers and staff with respect. The very existence of Ronix has been based upon respecting its human resources and consumers who have bought Ronix products.

Ronix Products Categories

After Sales Services

By relying on its technical know-how and expertise in offering after sales services for tools, Ronix has established numerous after sales services centers and is ready to provide spare parts and transfer its technological knowledge internationally. Ronix also has the biggest spare parts bank for more than 24000 types of spare parts.
While in itself, the current number of after sales services centers in the region is an ample achievement, we continue to provide our technical know-how and extend our support globally to those who are interested in launching such centers and utilizing our technical expertise to offer better services to our customers worldwide.

Ronix Export Destinations

At Ronix, we have successfully entered and currently distribute our high-quality tools throughout over 30 countries worldwide.
Our multi-language international sales team is professional and friendly, handling orders and inquiries from our customers around the world quickly and efficiently, and with minimum disruptions.
Highly knowledgeable about all tools, they are ready and waiting to discuss your needs with you, providing the best deals and price plans to suit your and your customers’ budget.